Fashion Fix client challenge: Flipping into fall

Fall tile

By Guest Blogger Lindsey Kuhn
Ladies and gents – ring the bell … school is back in session! You’ve spent the last several weeks of summer shopping for folders, notebooks, pens and pencils. Most likely you’ve also spent hours in fitting rooms trying to help your back-to-schooler find that perfect First Day outfit! Stressful, exhausting and overwhelming at times, I’m sure. So there’s no better time than now to treat yourself! Continue reading

Stable Families pilot project awarded $45,000


By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
This article was written by Lisa Fleming with the Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department and originally appeared in the LOOP, a Hennepin County newsletter. An HSPHD pilot project to keep families in stable housing has the potential to make “Better Lives, Stronger Communities” not only here but across the country – and it’s been awarded $45,000 from a national think tank. Continue reading

Goodwill hunting: Inspired by Chloe Sevigny

chloe tile

By Guest Blogger Megan from Two Birds
Chloe Sevigny has always been such a stand-out fashion star. I love that she dances to the beat of her own drum and remains impeccably stylish, while still maintaining her own individuality. While she presumably has oodles of money to wear designer clothing, I do not; but that won’t stop me from using her as my style inspiration! Here, Chloe is wearing Balenciaga, and I am wearing all Goodwill. How’s that for Goodwill Hunting? Continue reading

Fashion Fix client challenge: Back to school and campus cool

Campus cool tile

By Guest Blogger Lindsey Kuhn
Julia is heading back to the U of M this fall. Like most students, she is eager to see old friends, excited to move into her apartment, looking forward to rush week, and ready to show off her new fashions! As a busy student who is involved with so many activities, time and money are budgeted. So she partnered up with Fashion Fix for a one stop shopping experience at the Goodwill in Bloomington. Continue reading

Participant of the Year, “Never say never.”


By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
“Never say never. Set your mind and go after what you want,” is Helen’s motto. It has served her well. Abandoned at three months old, shot in the head as a teen, then abused by a husband for years, Helen is the epitome of a survivor. Seeking a fresh start and self-sufficiency, she found her way to Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota. Through our various employment readiness services and programs, Helen found her voice. Continue reading

Summer workwear: 6 outfits with 10 items

Summer shop tile

By Guest Blogger Lindsey Herzog
Dressing for the office this summer can be a cinch with a little help from the Goodwill boutique, Second Début. Honestly that store blows my mind every time I go in there. I always find really cute clothes and accessories and have at least 10 of those “oh my goodness are you kidding me I love this” kind of moments. They have quality brands and contemporary items. It’s the perfect place to pick up some wardrobe staples for our 9 to 5. Continue reading