Zombify yourself! DIY costume and makeup

zombie tile

By Staff Blogger Mary Beth Casement
The restless undead are taking over this October, and if you want to join them you’d better dress to impress – in zombie style, of course! Getting the zombie look can be inexpensive and easy, with most of the items that you need available at Goodwill! What kind of zombie will you be? Zombie bride, zombie celebrity, a horde of zombies with your friends? Head to your nearest Goodwill and pick out your costume. Once you’ve got the clothing, Continue reading

AmeriCorps VISTA focuses on racial equality


By Employment Research & Evaluation Coordinator Kia Her
During my last semester as an undergraduate at the College of Saint Benedict, I had to seriously think about what I wanted to do with my future.  It is a question I have struggled with, and I know I am not the only one.  I have always been interested in learning about people and how I can help, which led to my growing interest in the non-profit sector.  As I searched for job opportunities, AmeriCorps became the answer.  Continue reading

Mentor coordinator: “I have a great job”

Goodwill-Easter Seals Mentor Coordinator Melissa Brandel

By Mentoring Coordinator Melissa Brandel
Simply put, I have a great job. In my role as a Mentoring Coordinator at Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota, I have the privilege to connect with our participants in unique ways through our mentoring program. Mentoring services are provided via individual matches with volunteer mentors and/or group mentoring sessions. Group mentoring sessions are special because it’s a safe space to have participants and volunteer mentors come together Continue reading

2013 Participant of the Year: a story of survival


By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
Tortured for his political beliefs, John fled Zimbabwe, leaving behind his wife, four children, a house and a successful banking job. After graduating our Banking and Finance course, he landed a job with Wells Fargo. “The ending is unknown and always a surprise,” is his favorite quote. “They got me at a bus stop and dragged me into the toilet,” John said of his captors. “They hit me with a very big iron [pipe] on my head and I was left for dead.” Continue reading

Goodwill hunting: Inspired (again) by Jessica Alba

Jessica tile

By Guest Blogger Megan from Two Birds
Have you ever seen Jessica Alba look bad? I honestly don’t think I have. She could throw on a pair of sweats and an old tee, and she’d make it look cute with a big scarf, wedge booties, and a swipe of lip gloss. I would have to say that if I could have the wardrobe of any actress, it would be her. She can go from every day mom to Hollywood glam in a minute. Here she is somewhere in between, rocking an oversized sweater. I’m trying my best Continue reading

Opportunities, hope, new road for graduate


By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
A graduation speech from the Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota Banking and Finance training commencement Sept. 5. My name is Julie Henderson, I came from 25-plus years as a professional in the graphic arts industry. When that came to an end for me, I was at a standstill. Being a person of action, I set out to find a change in my career path where I could grow and find opportunities. Continue reading